Our Impact

• Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), like Postpartum Depression, are the most common complication of childbirth and are the most under-diagnosed obstetric complications in America with more than 75% of new mothers remaining undiagnosed.

• Up to 1 in 5 women in the US will develop a mood or anxiety issue during pregnancy or the postpartum year, affecting an estimated 700,000 of women.

• PMADs can affect women of any race, age, or socioeconomic background, and it can occur with any pregnancy or birth.

• Research demonstrates that untreated mental illness in parents is a leading cause of mental heath challenges in children, and negatively impacts the growth and development of infants.

• As early as 6 weeks of age, newborns become distressed if their interpersonal relationships with caregivers are even slightly disrupted, and Evidence of infants experiencing symptoms of depression has been found in children as young as four months of age.

• Babies depend on the emotional nurturance, protection, and stimulation of their caregivers—and these things are difficult to provide for someone with an untreated mental health issue.

Currently, at the Shaw Institute:

• Over 900 hours of mental health assessment offered per year.

• Over 600 women per year are screened and receive information about community referrals.

• More than 300 women per year receive a follow up email, call, and/or a direct referral to a mental health professional.

• Over 2,000 hours of supervision, mentorship, and training per year provided to mental health professionals.

Our Community Partnerships:

Community Outreach & Assessment

Boulder Community Hospital

Boulder Women’s Care 

Boulder Medical Center (Boulder and Longmont offices) 

Avista Women’s Care

Foothills Community Midwives


The University of Colorado

Naropa University

University of Denver