Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Advanced Training

The Why:

The Shaw Institute recognizes that there is great need for more in depth, front line, and on going training for clinicians wanting to specialize in perinatal and reproductive mental health.  Through our community outreach programs in ObGyn/Midwife clinics and along with out partnership with the Postpartum Wellness Center/Boulder, we comit to providing exceptional training in assessment, collaboration, and clinical care.

The How:

Through a partnership with The Postpartum Wellness Center/Boulder, The Shaw Institute offers opportunities for clinicians to refine their knowledge base around perinatal mental health theory and practice, including differential diagnosis, biopsychosocial models of assessment and treatment, evidence-based approaches, and attachment theory. As a part of their training, these learners are placed in medical clinics where they provide mental health assessments to pregnant and postpartum women.

Clinicians-in-training learn about the importance of balancing the needs of the parents with the needs of infants and young children during a critical period of the family’s life, and provide psycho-education, appropriate referrals, and evidence-based treatment to support the mental and emotional well-being of families. The goal of this training program is to increase the capacity of the mental health field at large to effectively assess and treat a wide spectrum of perinatal families. 

The Who:

Interns, Externs, and practicing clinicians receive extensive training, ongoing supervision and mentorship, and hands-on experience in various assessment and treatment modalities. Through nine-to-twelve month placements, clinicians develop expertise in assessing, diagnosing, and treating perinatal women and their families, and may provide psychotherapy to individuals, parent-child dyads, couples, or in a group context. The Shaw Institute also offers phone and video-based supervision and mentorship to practicing clinicians who are seeking clinical guidance and reflective supervision in the field of reproductive mental health.

Training opportunities include: 9-month graduate-level internships 9-month post-graduate externships 3-month summer training internships Phone/video-based on-going clinical and reflective supervision for clinicians in practice

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